The Photographer

Hello my name is Chereece Sparrow, photographer of Cherished Life Photography, LLC. As a creative person who likes to dabble in several art forms, I am passionate about photography. If someone were to ask me, “what is your most prized possession?” My response would be my family photos. I cherish the photographs that I have collected of my family over the years. Most assuredly this came from my grandmother who sat me down one day (long before the popularity of scrapbooking) and had me help her organize and record an old book of photographs she had from her mother. I pasted and recorded each picture as she shared with me the people and the history behind each one. I loved browsing through that photo album. Many were snapshots and some portraits of family members like my great grandmother, her parents and even my great great great grandmother. I loved snapping pictures as a young girl, and this experience with my grandmother gave me a deeper appreciation for capturing portraits for future generations. Little did I know at the time that the love I had then and now would be a career someday. Now, as a member of the Professional Photographers of America, I continue to challenge and improve my skills as an artist through ongoing education and mentoring.

Capturing and reflecting the significant moments of life through photographic images is energizing to me. My aim as your photographer is to connect color, texture and emotion that sing through the lens to help you convey your story. Your heirloom images fashioned as a collection of art for your home to be shared with generations to come. It is my privilege to share in the beauty of your life and I desire to bring joy you and your family through beautiful; artful images.

The Studio

Cherished Life Photography is a cozy little home based studio in North Plainfield, New Jersey. The atmosphere is comfortable and set up for your particular photography session needs.

Looking for a session in your home or another location? We are happy to meet you there.

The photographs that we create for you are sure to bring delight as you display them in your home. Your images are presented to you as art, expertly handcrafted and professionally framed. You may choose from a selection of heirloom albums and many other specialty items that you wish to have. We will also, help you decide where and how to display these images in your home. You are invited to call for more information.

The next step, schedule your consultation so that we may discuss the details regarding your session. Thank you for your interest in learning more about us. We look forward to bringing your story to life!
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